Concourse D Flight Amenities

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The Project

The 2017 Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) summer experiential learning program led 12 students to research and reimagine the role of the campus library, which resulted in Concourse D, a prototyped project development studio that will open on the second floor of Roesch Library in September 2019. In addition to functioning as a neutral workspace accessible to all students, Concourse D will feature materials for any student of any discipline to use (think engineers trying out sculpting tools or a music major with a protractor). Flight Amenities are the various tools and supplies that will enhance the transdisciplinary collaboration; taking community projects to new heights. 

Who We Are

We are a group of faculty, staff and students keeping the momentum of Concourse D going, leading up to a prototype in Kettering Labs in fall 2018 to its grand opening in the library in fall 2019. Katy Kelly is coordinator of marketing and engagement of University of Dayton Libraries and was the library client/liaison to the Collaboration Accelerator students; Emily Fehrman Cory is Faculty of Practice in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the School of Engineering and was also a client in the Collaboration Accelerator program; Adrienne Ausdenmoore is Director, Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) at ArtStreet and co-facilitator of the Accelerator; and Tess Isemann is a fourth year mechanical engineering major and was a leader in the Accelerator cohort that developed Concourse D. 

The Impact

In the Concourse D setting, every student will feel that they have an important role to play in problem solving and idea generation. Flight Amenities will be a community-centered bank of supplies and tools that will make transdisciplinary collaboration easy and fun. Although Concourse D in Roesch Library will not open until September 2019, the project team is prototyping a Concourse D in Kettering Labs during summer and fall 2018 to keep the momentum going. Flyer Funder will help us build up Flight Amenities to include student-requested items such as projectors, whiteboards, cutting boards, protractors, meter sticks, paper, laminating machine, paper cutter, and a music player. 

What Your Gifts Will Do

Your gifts, no matter how small, will support the Collaboration Accelerator's intent to make Concourse D a welcoming and neutral space for all majors and disciplines to come together. Supplies and resources in this space have the opportunity to support transdisciplinary work, benefiting all students and scholars, and supporting the vision of advancing community partnerships, innovation, and intercultural engagement. 

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Thanks for Your Support! 

Thank you for supporting Concourse D Flight Amenities! Your gift will support groups of people coming together in this exciting new space.

Thank you! $1,051 raised for Concourse D Flight Amenities

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your generous support of Concourse D Flight Amenities! We raised $1,051 thanks to you all: our friends, colleagues, and family members.

Our planning team is excited to continue its work on a provisional space in the School of Engineering's Kettering Labs to experiment with aspects of Concourse D's design. We will send updates as amenities are purchased and installed so you can see the results of your generosity in action. In the meantime, construction of the Concourse D space in Roesch Library will begin this fall and be completed in fall of 2019. 

Supplies and resources in this new space have the opportunity to support transdisciplinary work, benefiting all students and scholars and supporting the vision of advancing community partnerships, innovation, and intercultural engagement. Your gift to our crowdfunding campaign will ensure Concourse D is a welcoming space for all majors and disciplines to come together.

Thank you!
Adrienne Ausdenmoore, Emily Fehrman Cory, Tess Isemann, and Katy Kelly
The Concourse D Flight Amenities Crowdfunding Team

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