Flyers in Hollywood

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This campaign ended on November 10, 2017, but you can still make a gift to University of Dayton by clicking here!

The objective of Flyers In Hollywood is to expose students to professionals working in various aspects of the media industry in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, including a number of University of Dayton alums working in the industry. In addition, students will have the opportunity to attend the largest career fair in the country for media production students. Students and faculty chaperones will attend the National Association of Broadcasting convention and career fair in Las Vegas, the largest such convention the world. We will also tour media production facilities at other universities in the area. Additionally, students will travel to Los Angeles, where they will meet with highly experienced professionals in media production, and tour at least one of the major motion picture studios. The students will meet and interact with U.D. alums working in the industry, who will share their experiences of working in media production.

Flyer TV is the student operated television station at the University of Dayton.  All content is produced by and for UD students.  Approximately 75 University of Dayton students are involved in the operation of Flyer TV every year!

In the past, trips to the National Association of Broadcasters career fair have resulted in the direct hiring of U.D. students at entities such as local television stations nationwide, the Fox Business Channel and CNN.  In addition, exposure to the latest technical advances in the industry as well as thousands of working professionals has had an immeasurably positive education impact for our UD students!

Your gift will ensure that at least ten students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to do so, will be able to participate in Flyers In Hollywood.  The gifts will help defray the expenses of travel and accommodations in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

Thank you so much for your support of Flyers In Hollywood.  Look for us in April from both Las Vegas and Los Angeles as we share our trip on various social media platforms!


Hello everyone!
The Flyers in Hollywood trip was a complete success. Attached is a video and article on the trip. Special thank you to all making this possible for us. 1 of us got a job in Hollywood while the others got to build connections with over 50 different alumni. National Association of Broadcasting was also a success enabling students to see new highest end technology that is currently active in the work field along with different professional presentations on various work areas. Thank you again for the gift that benefited our trip immensely!
Flyer T.V. Managers

2206 days ago by Samuel Rita
Special Thank You

Special thanks to all of our donors! Every donation was an asset to the Vegas and L.A. trip. Since the campaign was such a success, our Flyer TV managers will be traveling during April 8th to 15th! The trip is going to be key to our future jobs. We will be attending the National Association of Broadcasting convention and career fair as well as meeting notable University of Dayton Alumni. Thank you again for your contribution to Flyers In Hollywood. Merry Christmas.

2355 days ago by Samuel Rita

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