Send MAPS to AMEC 2024

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This campaign ended on December 01, 2023, but you can still make a gift to University of Dayton by clicking here!

The Project
Each year, the Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) attracts students from all levels of medical education and is consistently the largest gathering of underrepresented minority medical students in the nation. With a slate of workshops and programs focused on the academic and clinical success, development, and preparedness of our cohort of physicians-in-training, AMEC will not only prepare pre-med and medical students in their journey to become socially competent and clinically excellent physicians but will also provide a unique opportunity to network with students and physicians from all over the country. 

We hope to attend AMEC this upcoming spring in New Orleans, Louisiana from March 27-31!

Who We Are
We are the Multicultural Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS). Our goal is to make medical school and other pre-health/post-graduate programs more accessible to multicultural students by providing resources and networking opportunities that are vital to the success for matriculation into these programs, with an emphasis on the medical field.

The Impact
In 2023, 8 MAPS members had the privilege of attending AMEC. In 2022, 5 members were given the same opportunity. There we were able to talk with representatives from a variety of medical schools. We met with diverse individuals, who were are all in different stages of the healthcare journey. The conference attendees' unique experiences inspired us! Overall, this was an exceptional opportunity for those of us who attended, allowing us to strengthen our passions for the medical field, and encouraging us to work harder.

AMEC has endless networking opportunities and a large variety of workshops. This is a tremendous opportunity that will not only impact the participants' undergraduate careers, but also their post-graduate careers and activities!

What Your Gifts Will Do
Your gifts will provide us with financial support to enable us to attend AMEC. Some of our expenses include airfare, conference tickets, hotel rooms, transportation and food.

Share this Message
Please share the link to this page with your friends, family, and colleagues to help us reach our goal!

Thanks for Your Support!

Update from Jenna Abdelhamed '25

Hello Everyone! 

My name is Jenna Abdelhamed, I am a third year Pre-Medicine student and the current president of MAPS on Campus!

In March of this upcoming year, we will be taking a group of approximately 10 students to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend the Annual Medical Educatoin Conference (AMEC). This conference allows us to network with and learn from other underrepresented medical and premedical students from all across the nation. 

We have under a week left of our campaign, and we still need your help to get closer to our fundraising goal! Thank you so much for everyone that has already donated, and if you haven't please consider doing so and spread the word to friends, and family. Without your help, this trip wont be a success. 

Thank you so much,

Jenna Abdelhamed

202 days ago by Jenna Abdelhamed

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