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The Project: UD EMS is using Flyer Funder to raise money for the current officer group to attend the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation Conference (NCEMSF) in Boston in February 2024, as well as for improving and updating our medical equipment. UD EMS provides completely free basic life support and transportation to local hospitals for any person on UD's campus.

Who We Are: University of Dayton Emergency Medical Services is a completely student-run and volunteer organization on the University of Dayton campus and has been in service since 1992. UD EMS operates 24/7 throughout the academic year and provides transportation/pre-hospital care for all patients experiencing medical and trauma emergencies here on campus. We are composed of 60 nationally and locally certified EMT-Bs who are undergraduate students at the University of Dayton. Our new members complete rigorous training during the fall semester before certifying through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and all members complete continuous education and training throughout the year. UD EMS prides itself on the continuous mentorship process that second, third, and fourth-year members provide to the new and current members. We are also proud to have a new officer position this year dedicated to mental health. Read more about our new Mental Health Officer at the link below. 


We are funded by UD Public Safety which provides a scholarship opportunity for the select members who are offered a position. Our members are dedicated to serving the University of Dayton community and are consistently grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our community in such a unique way, especially as college students. As a nationally recognized organization and part of the National Collegiate EMS Foundation, UD EMS holds itself and its members to the highest of standards and looks forward to finding more ways to grow and serve the community.

The Impact: The National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference is a phenomenal opportunity for members of UD EMS to share ideas and experiences with other collegiate EMS organizations. Furthermore, at the NCEMSF Conference there are a wide variety of workshops that will take a deep dive into a specific topic, which will improve how UD EMS serves our campus and the surrounding community. NCEMSF also has an awards program which recognizes individuals, groups, and activities. We strive to win awards such as the HEARTSafe Campus award which recognizes groups and schools that have improved the safety of their campus through CPR education and outreach. This award, as well as many others, will help spread our motto of “students helping students” to more than the University of Dayton community.

What Your Gifts Will Do: The money contributed to this fundraiser will allow members of UD EMS to attend the National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference, which is being held in Baltimore, Maryland in February 2024. The money raised will be used to fund the transportation of members to the conference, as well as fund our accommodations in Baltimore. Additionally, all funds raised beyond those required to attend the NCEMSF Conference will be used to fund equipment and other operational upgrades to help ensure we can provide the highest quality of care to the University of Dayton community.

Share this Message: Please help us spread the word and encourage your network to support our campaign!

Thanks for Your Support!: By providing even a small donation, you are part of making our campaign go a long way this year. UD EMS is incredibly grateful for your generous support of our commitment to serving the University of Dayton community!

UD EMS Thank You Update

Hello everyone! Flyer Funder has ended, and UD EMS is incredibly happy to share that we raised $8,096! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to every single person who helped our organization accomplish this. UD EMS is committed to our mission of “Students Helping Students”. We love serving our community and helping all members of it feel a little safer during school. We would not be able to accomplish our mission without the financial support and encouragement of our donors. The money raised will help us attend the National Collegiate EMS Foundation conference, where we will continue to build our skills and training protocols to better serve the UD community. We will also be able to afford updated medical equipment that will help improve patient care. 

UD EMS has accomplished a lot near the end of this semester. We were able to get 70 people outside of our organization CPR-certified in just the month of November. Additionally, our second-year promotional candidates attended International Trauma Life Saving training, a training program geared towards helping them develop additional skills to become crew chiefs within our organization. All promotional candidates passed this training and took a big step towards becoming Crew Chiefs. Our newest members will take their National Registry EMT test in the coming weeks and join our crews as nationally and state-certified EMTs in the Spring semester. Finally, UD EMS will be sending staging crews to the Christmas on Campus event and winter graduation to help provide the best medical care we can.

Once more, thank you for your support of our organization. We are truly grateful. Your support makes a difference and helps us have a positive impact on the University that we love.

230 days ago by Anneliese Fisher
UD EMS Flyer Funder Update 1

Hello Everyone! UD EMS wanted to share an update about our organization and our flyer funder campaign. First, we are deeply grateful for the amazing support we have received throughout the first half of flyer funder. Thank you to all donors and advocates. We could not do what we do without your support. We are optimistic that we will continue to find great success in this campaign because of your great kindness.

The last few weeks have been very successful for UD EMS. All of our members in training were able to pass their practical test on their first attempt. They have made a major step toward becoming registered EMTs and we are very proud of all of the hard work they have put in to be ready to serve the UD community. The past week has been Collegiate EMS Week. We were able to do takeovers at Rusty Taco and Bibibop. We also held table hours and taught a free hands-only CPR class. We will also begin to use our new first-in bag on 11/27. We were able to get this new bag due to donations and are optimistic that it will improve efficiency on our calls. 

Once more thank you for your support!

CLs at Practicals
This is all of our CL class with Jeff our instructor and Sydney our Class Liaison after they passed their exam.
248 days ago by Anneliese Fisher

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